oh no. going back.

aaahhh my holiday is almost overrr and i have to go back to singapore tomorrow... :(.
well, its not totally bad. at least i get to start school and be with my friends again. BUT i'm gonna leave my family and homeee, and that's worse. but no choice though.
AH homework. now that is a problem. i have holiday homework, typical singapore schools, giving TONS of homework for the holidays. thx a lot sji. yay. again, no choice but to do it.
my flight tomorrow is at 11.40 and i'm gonna be reaching singapore at probably 2 pm. so i still have A LOT of time to do my homework, right after i play pingpong or soccer, then i go to the computer room to brag about my new GAMEBOY ADVANCE POKEMON GAME i have in MY PHONE, don't ask, then dinner. or do I? but who cares, that's why they have desk lamps, so i can still make my homework until late at night even though it's already lights off. yeah.
oyeah, i'm gonna be using SQ to go back. ooohhhh yeaaahhhhh go classic mario games! woo!
so yeah, i had lots of fun in my trip back home. family, food, home, my totally huggable bolster, again, don't ask. and don't forget the chinese new year angpaoosss. :D.
yep, i don't think i'm gonna be going back home for quite a long time. i don't think that i'm gonna be having anymore holidays until march, and on march i will probably have a lot of things going on during the holidays. so yea, let's just see later on.
okayy so this is the end of my post for today, i gotta do my homework. so fun. yay.
oh yeah, btw, XING NIAN KUAI LE! or, HAPPY CHINESE 'NIU' YEAR. (haha lame)
byebyee :D


back homeeee back hooommmeeeee

wooo i'm back in jakarta. although it's only for a short while, but what the heck. i'm back here for the chinese new year holidays. hey btw don't think that i'm money minded because i'm not aiming ONLY for the angpaos ok? well yea the angpaos are still one of the reasons for me coming back :DD. but yea getting to meet my family is the main point, obviously. :)
it's a pity that i only get to be here for four days 23rd-27th of january, so i probably can't go out with my other friends cause there are a lot of plans my family planned already. sorry guys!
anyways, singapore is a really fun place to be living in. well, there's a part of me that wants to stay here, and there's another part that wants to go back.
so yea, i reaaally miss the food, so now i'm gonna go eat. a lot. :P
bye for now.



its been soooooooo long since i actually posted something, well i'm unable to go online and post so yea i'm doing it now.
its almost been a month since i reached singapore and i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally enjoy it here. everything is just new and fun, living with my friends, able to go to many places myself, everything is fun. but still i miss my family and friends back home, but i get to meet them once i get back, so its okay :P.
ACTUALLYYYYY i'm not allowed to open my facebook account or even go online on msn, but whatever, i still go. with fear. :D
right, so now i will be able to go online at least once a week, toootaaally different from my usual routine, but yea, better than not going online forever right??
i've been staying at PARYY HALL for 3 weeks, and just this saturday, i moved to CJC, which is better. i mean better. INTERNET. :P.
well, everything is just different from my usual routines back in jakarta. i have breakfast/lunch/dinner times, i have curfew which is 6 o'clock at night, i have to sleep at 12, and sooo much more. but still, it's fun. :DD
yep, i'll be posting some more now, since i have internet woohooo.
so byebye for nowww



today is my last day in Indonesia before i go to Singapore. well, i'm kinda sad, but i'm also happy at the same time. i'm totally excited, this explains why i woke up so early :D. well, i'm pretty much ready for tomorrow, my mom helped me pack and so everythings done.
well today i took pics of the house and my siblings, for me to remember (i know it's corny but live with it.). so yea, there's pretty much nothing to talk about.
well, i'm just waiting for tomorrow. and btw, there's nothing wrong with my passport :DD. yey


fun fun funnnnnn

soooo the party yesterday went pretty well. even though there were some MAJOR problems. the food took so long to prepare, and because people changed seats, there were some problems about the order. but eventually it was solved (thanks tj gordy and others for the help :D).
well, except the food delay thing, everything was okay. the teasing my friends bit was the best xD. then it was pict taking time. then it was walk walk walk to ex....
so, eventually we managed to reach ex, with a great amount of time because it took so long for the others to get out of pisa cafe. first, we wanted to watch a movie, but then the tickets were sold out, so, oh well we did something else. hanging out like retards! :|
first we hung out at XXI, we took quite a while, we even managed to get the security guards' attention, cool. because of that we went out. thennn we went to the area nearby to the stage and hung out there, by the sofa area thing. and suddenlyyyy
TIO: sel sel, itu ada kayak tas item gt lho diblakang sofa, ngeri bgt. ada bunyinya gitu lagi.
GW: ah masa seh ti, ga mgkn lah apaan coba
TIO: ih ga percaya, sini liat
GW: *pergi liat* HAH NGERI BGT ANJRET.
well, because of the bomb issue thing. I FREAKED OUT.
it was soooooo suspicious looking. a black backpack hidden behind the sofa, and covered by this massive pillow. and the scary bit was, (yes this is me being freaked out.) the ones sitting on the sofa were like, crying. CRAP. i know. they were kinda like crying. but still, I WAS TOTALLY PANICKED. buttttt luckily it was nothing, fuuhh.
so, other than that, we just chat and.. yeah.
well, that was yesterday.
and now lets talk about today. sooo today was also a farewell thing, but it was with my whole family, mom's side actually. it started at 5 and ended just now. it was fun too, but too bad there were more oldies than the youngsters :(. but still, thanks everyoneeeee!!

oyeah and thanks for the farewell gifts!! i really appreciate it :DD


it's the final countdoooooooooooooooooown :|

today is the 1st. which means 4 MORE DAYS.
okay, so a part of me still wants to stay here, but another part of me wants to go. and of course i will have to go with the second part of me. fortunately, thanks to my beloved mom, i have finished packing.
BUT there is one teeny tiny problem.
i know, that is a major problem. so, in my passport, my last name is sJukur. but in my ticket, its sYukur. see the difference?? and now, i am totally freaked out. what will happen to my future?
to be continued..............

o yeah, btw tonight is my farewell party! woo


uhh yay??

okay so i have good and bad news.
the good news is that i just went to this place called lembur pancawati for outbound stuff with the scholar dudes. and i had a lot of fun, totally. the activity took 5 days, i went there at the 22nd, wednesday i guess. and i got back today, 26th, sunday. maaaannnn it was fun. we went hiking, and LUCKILY, i rained. i mean it rained so so so so hard. and you know what rain + hiking means?


hahahaha it rocked. it was sooo slippery when we hiked, and when we got down, we slid on our.. uhh behinds. everyone got muddy, my shirt got dyed. it was white. and now i have no idea what color is it. the downside is that because of the rain, i didn't try the flying fox thing. darn. oh well what can i do? it's better than getting struck by lightning and waking up with bright lights surrounding me. :|
well that was one day. the rest were pretty much ordinary, funky classes and stuff. but being with friends was the best. :D
now, that was the number one good news. the second is that i finally know when i'm gonna be going! WOO.
and the bad news is.. "i finally know when i'm gonna be going! WOO."
i'm going on the 6th of november. 10 days from today. and i haven't packed at all, or plan my farewell party, or settle down after the tiring outbound thing.
but oh well, i'm kinda excited to go now. and i really hope it'll be fun. :D